Theologians and Religion Scholars in the Media? September 15 to September 22, 2017

In The New York Times, from Sept. 15 to Sept. 22, 2017.  How many times have academic theologians and religion scholars been mentioned?  Here goes:

  1. “Of God and War,” Sept. 22, 2017 (online, 9/24/17 in print): the theologians Sarah Sentinels and Gordon Kaufman
  2. “Merkel Stays Mum on Finance Ministry at Schaeuble’s Birthday Bash,” Sept. 18, 2017: mention of theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  3. “Peabody Essex Museum Gets Set of Native American Artifacts,” Sept. 21, 2017: Gregory Sterling, Dean of Yale Divinity school, is quoted.
  4. “Pope Overhauls Key Institute to Reflect His Vision of Family,” Sept. 19, 2017: Monsignor Pierangeli Sequeri, president of the John Paul II Theological Institute, Rome, is quoted.
  5. “Expect the Inquisition,” Sept. 20, 2017: on Father James Martin and Massimo Faggioli, among others (but they are not theologians or religion scholars per se so are not included here)–Father Martin is the subject of two additional articles between Sept. 15th and Sept. 22nd, 2017.  His name will count 3 times for the theologian index below.

Based on this survey of The New York Times, the theologians in media index for Sept. 15-Sept. 22, 2017 is 1.29.

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